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Tag: nature

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R - Roaring Reverse Rapids or Falls
Posted On 11/02/2017 22:35:27 by yourchoice
On one of our travel adventures with our dear friends, in 1998, we headed to the eastern part of Canada, hoping to visit friends in the maritime provinces. It would be our first visit to that area, and from what we were told by friends, there would be a long list of very interesting places that we could visit, if we did the 3000 mile road trip rather than take a plane. Being tha int all of us were “retired”, our travel time was not limited by responsibilities back at home. We weren’t disap... Read More

U - Utterly Unbelievable Scenes in Utah
Posted On 10/27/2015 21:53:20 by yourchoice
How many times have we heard people express their desire to walk on the moon, or imagine aloud what it would be like to visit another planet? It seems that in our lifetime we are getting closer to walking on planets that are further and further away. We may even be beginning to take the experience for granted. During the summer of 2008, we had such an experience, even though we had our feet firmly planted on our own terra firma. We were on a road trip from Western Canada to Branson, Missouri bec... Read More

T... Is for TRAVEL
Posted On 10/24/2015 01:09:26 by yourchoice
I'm finally back in "my groove", after a wonderful autumn road trip. Being that my next A to Z Challenge letter is 'T', I decided to share a bit of our TRAVEL experience on Vancouver Island. We first visitied the area on our honeymoon, only 53 years ago, and had returned once until this trip. Our granddaughter is attending U of Vic, so we were able to spend a couple of days with her. The gardens were in full autumn splendor, and with all the walking I did with our granddaughter, I can say that m... Read More

The Scarecrow
Posted On 01/20/2015 17:21:53 by BreeWolfe
The Scarecrow

I have a lady scarecrow in my flower garden. The only thing she has ever scared is my little puppy, Bicuit. Probably because she's a pretty scarecrow with a big smile :-) Everyday when I leave in my car or on a walk she's there with that big smile and when I come back she welcomes me with that same smile. She has weathered the hot summers and cold winters, storms,and cats. Today I found her laying on the ground. The wooden pole that holds her up was broken. When I picked he... Read More

For The Birds
Posted On 09/22/2014 23:05:18 by BreeWolfe
I have a a Grand Oak in my back yard, the neighbors have one in their front yard. By my front door I have a small fir tree in a big pot. A little gray bird has built a nest in the small tree. She comes and goes, flying right pass my front door and window. I'm careful to be quiet when I walk past her nest. My yard needs mowing but, it will have to wait. There are so many large trees around and all sorts of birds coming and going, sea birds from the gulf, hawks, etc. Maybe she made her nest in the... Read More

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