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Power of Love
Posted On 04/12/2024 02:04:45 by LadyLynne

Power of Love
Love enters life in many different waysFilling voids and brightening daysHighly charged emotion often misunderstoodDeep inside our being this power called love
Love for our children held close to the breastGuidance through life often put to the testSometimes unpredictable cause for alarmDo all in our power to protect them from harm
Love for our partner developing trustInitial excitement then waning of lustComfortable companionship begins to unfoldReaching a climax... Read More

Grasse ma ville
Posted On 04/08/2024 11:06:34 by simone

ma ville de naissance fête à 25 ans
Grasse est une ville majeure du moyen-pays de la Côte d'Azur située dans l'ouest du département des Alpes-Maritimes à 12 km au nord de Cannes5 sur la côte méditerranéenne. Elle est aussi dans le Sud-Est de la France. Sa distance à vol d'oiseau avec la préfecture de Nice est de 29 km pour un cap de 79°, et avec la capitale nationale, Paris, est de 677 kilomètres pour un cap de 330°5. Sa superficie est de 4 444 hectares (44,44 km2) constitu... Read More

Cornish Coast
Posted On 03/18/2024 17:39:20 by LadyLynne

Cornish Coast
Waves crash against the cornish coastSeagulls soaring above in flightRound and round in circles they goIn search of food is their plight
Boats anchored in the harbourSwaying to and froProtected shelter from the coveWhen the wind doth blow
Cottages dotted on the hillsideAbove the narrow streetsAligned with quaint shops and cosy pubsWhere all the locals meet
Tired fishermen returning homeWith their daily catchLong day coming to an endRelease those wellies and woollen... Read More

Wedding cake traditions?
Posted On 02/06/2024 10:42:04 by Altara33606
In getting ready to 'downsize', I've been going through our photo albums as well as a 'box' of pictures--which were mostly copies. I just finished choosing our best wedding pictures and uploaded them to 'save' digitally. As far as I knew, the only 'cake traditions' were the bride and groom feeding cake to each other--and possibly saving (freezing) a piece of the cake to eat on the first anniversary.
That reminded me that I'd recently seen a lot of stories on Facebook about grooms 'smashin... Read More

Flying On A Cloud
Posted On 02/06/2024 07:01:08 by dyannie
   "Flying On A Cloud"
 I wish that I could,   Fly on a cloud.          Enjoy the blue skies,   As we’re twirling around.   I would plan a picnic,   For me and my  friends.   As we’re laughing and giggling,   Again and again.   Then  we'd look around,   And wave to Mother Earth.   High above blue plains,   Showing its beauty and worth.   We wo... Read More

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